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Research toward a National Indigenous Languages Policy

Have your say!

John Prior (Electorate Officer for Senator Trish Crossin) is researching a
National Indigenous Languages Policy for Minister Garrett’s office. He
welcomes comment as well as pointers to resources and references. He is
unsure of the timeframe of this stage of development, so I would suggest
contacting him as soon as you are able:

John Prior
Electorate Officer
Office of Senator Trish Crossin
PO Box 946
Palmerston 0831
Ph: (08) 89310830
Fax: (08) 89310513
Mob 0409 671 892

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Easy Grants Newsletter

A great resource list of grant possibilities.


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Youth the key to save Australian Aboriginal languages

Its estimated that more than half of the 6,000 languages spoken around the world will become extinct over the next century.

Indigenous Australian languages are disappearing the fastest, with one langauge lost every month. But now the race is on to preserve them, before its too late.

Presenter: Madeleine Genner

Nicholas Evans, a linguist from the Australian National University; Richard Green, Dharug teacher

A report on Radio Australia

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